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16th to 18th September 2016 · Stadthalle Kassel
The manga & anime convention by Animexx e.V.

Animexx e.V.

The Animexx e.V. - from Fans for Fans

The registered association Animexx e.V. is the biggest German-speaking manga and anime association. It was founded on January 30th 2000 in Munich and counts more than 1.300 paying members while its online portal animexx.de maintains about 110.000 registered accounts. The association's mission is to represent the interests of all German-speaking fans of anime and manga and aims to improve their situation by proactive fieldwork and numerous close contacts to companies involved in anime and manga, even to the Japanese animation industry, as well as to media and press.

While Connichi is undoubtedly one of the most radiant points on Animexx's agenda, it is not the only one: anime fans can find gatherings initiated and supported by Animexx in cities across Germany, such as Munich, Stuttgart, Frankfurt/Main, Kassel, Hanover, Cologne as well as in Saarland.

The association's website animexx.de sees over 4 million visitors per day and counting, elevating it to one of the most popular German fan sites on anime and manga, providing a pivotal source of information for fans, companies and media. It reports and aggregates news on the German and international scene and offers an extensive fan art archive with over 450.000 images drawn by 32.000 artists, a forum for discussions, a regularly updated anime TV guide, one of the biggest German databases about Manga and Anime, online RPGs ("Role Playing Games"), a chat, an event calender and much more. A poll conducted in 2005 by Sozioland.de voted animexx.de as the most popular online portal on comics, anime and manga.

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  • SHINUSLAW: @anihabara_de @Paufi93 @Connichi @HouseOfAnimanga Der Thailänder ist zu XD. Aber man findet was anderes ähnliches.… https://t.co/IG1o9b76Lq
    HOUSEOFANIMANGA: @Shinuslaw @Paufi93 @Connichi @anihabara_de Gerne, gerne :D Essen gehen an Conabenden ist ja eh mittlerweile zur Tr… https://t.co/2xtAYrYOiz
    ANIHABARA_DE: @Shinuslaw @Paufi93 @Connichi @HouseOfAnimanga Also Nejy hat Sonntag schon Bedarf für 'ne neue Runde beim Thailänder angemeldet 😄
    PAUFI93: @Shinuslaw @Connichi @HouseOfAnimanga @anihabara_de Das klingt auf jeden Fall nicht schlecht, bei sushi bin ich dabei :D
    SHINUSLAW: @Paufi93 @Connichi Wir haben auch einen relativ soliden Sushi-Laden gefunden, der abends lange aufhat für Samstag.… https://t.co/OQIIDefu9e
    CONNICHI: @SanjiCosplay Ja, die Kollegen von Visual Culture übernehmen! https://t.co/OouOlw8r3L
    CONNICHI: @Shinuslaw Aus dem Urlaub bissel langsamer als sonst ;) News dazu ist jetzt verfügbar: https://t.co/OouOlw8r3L
    CONNICHI: Wir freuen uns euch mitteilen zu können, dass es eine Lösung für die Connichi-Party gibt: VISUAL CULTURE, die uns… https://t.co/kJ9d9i7KM9
    CONNICHI: RT @SerenataBerlin: Wir haben zwar gestern die neuen Rollen verteilt, aber nicht vergessen, im September geht es auf der @Connichi weiter m…
    CONNICHI: RT @ecg_germany: Unglaublich. Unsere Mädels haben in Gruppe @CupCat_ und in Solo @Pandoracos jeweils den zweiten Platz gemach! Ihr seid der…